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[coughing] “No one understands. No one understands. No one can see the danger they’re in. I can’t understand it. They’re so complacent, so well-meaning, and yet so misguided. Not you, though. You understand, don’t you? Of course you do. You and me, we’ve got imaginations. We understand the danger. But it’s cold, and I’m hungry. And I have so much to think about, to plan, to achieve. Together we will endure. We might even prevail.” [laughing and coughing] “You’re wondering how you can help. It’s alright, I can tell. I’m a people person, you see. Come here, come here… Just a little closer… That’s right. Here, yes… Right up here, to the blood… Aaand…” [grabs the rat and starts biting into it]

- “The Natural History of Fear”, aka the creepiest Eighth Doctor audio ever.

I…I planed to listen this audio book…

Was just listing to this one today, one of my all time favorites. Dark doctor is best Doctor.

Hol y fUCki Ng sH iT.

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